Top 5 Most Amazing Saltwater Aquariums

Undecided whether you want to build your own Saltwater Aquarium? Looking for some ideas? Or just love looking at other peoples designs? Take some inspiration from what we think are the Top 5 Most Amazing Saltwater Aquariums in the world today.

5. The Coffee Table Aquarium

You may think that a coffee table aquarium shouldn't have a place on a list for the top 5 most amazing saltwater aquariums but we like them so there in! 

There are quite literally thousands of different designs for aquarium coffee tables, but one of our favourites is this very stylish modern looking table. It would be a great conversation piece in the centre of a living room and actually creating your own version wouldn't be too difficult or expensive.


This particular one is a Auqa Vim 36 gallon coffee table aquarium, with pumps, lights, and filter system all built inside and completely hidden from view. The only thing left todo with this type of aquarium is add fish!

Interested in this aquarium? Amazon currently stocks this particular table and can be purchased here.

4. The Dog House Aquarium

We are going to start off small.....this unique saltwater aquarium has got to be an animal lovers dream! This little number was designed for a veterinarian to liven up his office and provide a novelty wating area for his canine friends.

Source: Animal Planet

The Dog House aquarium was first featured on the Animal Planet channel back in 2014 and we think this tank deserves our 5th spot due to the uniqueness and practicality of the design. Lets face it, if your dog lover and want something a little different you can't beat this.

3. The Headboard Aquarium

Who needs to count sheep?! This aquarium headboard has to be one of the coolest designs we have seen, I mean seriously what more could want....a nightlight combined with a headboard, combined with bedside drawers, combined with an aquarium! I want this in my bedroom right now!

2. The AquaDom

The AquaDom is situated within the Radison Blu hotel in Berlin and is situated in the lobby of the hotel. Standing at an impressive 82 feet high and containing over one million litres of water, it is currently the largest cylindrical tank in the world. 

Not only is this spectacular to look at from the outside it also houses a set of 360 degree glass elevators that allow you to view the 1,500 fish from 97 species without a wetsuit. This impressive feet of engineering was completed in 2004 by the Union Investment Real Estate GmbH and is estimated to have cost a whopping $11.6 million.

1. The Georgia Aquarium

No list of the Top 5 Amazing Saltwater Aquariums would be complete without including the largest in the world. The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta comes in at a some what ridiculous 24 million liters, almost 3 times the size of the aquarium in the Dubai mall. It is hard to describe in words the sheer scale of this aquarium, it is so large that it somewhat controversially is home to a number of whale sharks.

Opening in 2005 this incredible tank holds over 100,000 creatures, nowhere else in the world can boast such a large collection of aquatic animals. This special place is not just a place for the public to view these incredible animals but also a place for research. In the last ten years, The Georgia Aquarium has established itself as a leader in not-for-profit research, education, and conservation.


A list of the Top 5 Most Amazing Saltwater Aquariums is always going to be somewhat subjective and there is no real conclusive list but the above are some of our favourites and I hope you agree. 

Found an aquarium you think should make the list? Feel free to add them in the comments below. 

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