Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit Review

Penn Plax Vertex Aquarium Kit Review

Sometimes even the best planned rooms need a little something extra to make it look amazing. An aquarium is a great choice, especially if you have a sleek unit like the Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit (Penn Plax Vertex Shrimp Tank) sitting on a console table, bookshelf, desktop, or nightstand.

In today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at the Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit. We are going to go over the features of the aquarium, but we are also going to give you a brief summary of the reviews for the product. At the end, we’ll give you our recommendation on whether or not this aquarium is worthy of your time and consideration.

About The Product

The Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit is a great started aquarium that is sleek, sophisticated, and beautiful. This functional aquarium is made from unique bent glass to give you a modern look.

Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit Package

The frameless aquarium offers maximum viewing, so you can see your brightly colored fish from all angles. If you have a curious cat (or child) who wants to see the fish up close and personal, you can close the plastic, hinged lid and your fish will be safe inside. Notable features of the Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit include:

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    Unique bent glass and frameless design for the best viewing
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    Aquarium kit includes: Glass tank, hang on water filter, thermometer, and fish net
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    Safe to use with any small fish or shrimp
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    Easy to use plastic lid with hinges keeps fish safe and opens for feeding and cleaning
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    Measures 10 inches high by 8 inches wide and 9 inches long
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    Glass is 1/8 inch thick

This kit includes everything you need to get started. The unit includes a Whisper Quiet Hang Filter with an adjustable flow control, quiet motor, and extension life tube to provide you with maximum depth of tank. The filter requires disposable cartridges that are quick and easy to replace. The filter unit includes a leveling device that keeps your filter secure and in position.

Along with the filter, the kit includes a Penn Plax Aqua Life Thermometer and a Penn Plax Aqua Life Fish net. The thermometer is a necessary accessory because it tells you what the temperature is in the water. The easy to read numbers and pressure sensitive backing makes this thermometer a great option for new aquarists.

When it comes time to cleaning your tank, you needn’t worry about fishing your small fish and shrimp out of the tank with a cup. The fishnet makes it much easier to catch your fish, thus making cleaning time much simpler.

What Others Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit, we are happy to report that the majority of customers had great things to say. At first, a few customers were wary about the filtration system that was included with this kit. They reported they owned a few betta fish who do not like strong currents.

Fish In Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit

They were happy to report the current the filter produces isn’t strong at all. They especially like there is an adjustable flow knob on the filter so they can adjust the current and its strength. Several people also commented they appreciated how quiet the filter runs. They reported they could keep this on their bedside table and have no problems falling asleep.

Other customers reported the tank itself is made from good quality glass and it felt very durable. People reported they don’t experience any condensation on the glass, nor do they not see any cloudiness in the glass.

There were some customers who were not as impressed with this aquarium and had some critical comments about it. It seems as though there were some people who felt the flow of water from the filter was too strong. They reported the fins on their betta fish was getting “chewed up” because of the intake. This can be remedied by putting some pantyhose or nylon over the intake.

Another issue people had with this aquarium was the hinges on the lid were either missing, broken, or were installed in the wrong direction. These problems made it difficult (if not impossible) to use the lid correctly. One person had an issue that the filter didn’t seem to be able to aerate the water enough to keep shrimp alive.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a small aquarium for your office or bedroom, or if you want to surprise your child with a fish tank of their own, the Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit is a good starter tank.

The small aquarium features a frameless construction, which allows you to view the fish from any and all angles. The hinged plastic lid makes it easy to feed the fish, or keep cats and contaminants from the air out of the tank.

We like this kit because it includes everything you need to get started. The tank itself is constructed from a durable curved glass. It comes with a whisper quiet filtration system that uses disposable cartridges, and it also includes an easy to read thermometer.

Penn Plax Vertex 2.7-gallon Aquarium Kit


When it comes time to clean the tank, you can use the handy nylon mesh net to catch the fish quickly, easily, and more importantly, safely. Thanks to the net, you don’t have to worry about trying to catch the fish in a plastic cup and “pouring” the fish and water into another container.

If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated looking aquarium, we believe this is a wonderful option. It is the perfect option for anyone who wants a small tank that is going to be easy to take care of and easy to set up. This is a perfect size for small fish and even shrimp!

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