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CaribSea Liferocks – Alternative to Live Rocks Review

Creating structures from 'live' rock for your aquarium can be quite a challenge, there are various considerations to be made not least the cost and the effort required to sanitise. There are quite a few alternatives to live rocks and in today's review we will be looking at the CaribSea LifeRocks

If you have read some of our other reviews you will know the structure by now, we will run through the product and what the manufacturer has to say and then move on to the reviews and a few final thoughts.

About The Product

CaribSea LifeRock is manmade and potentially a great alternative to live rocks. Every LifeRock is created with an artificial coating and texture that mimics natural coralline algae. This significantly reduces the time required to get that colourful 'reef' look most hobbyists are aiming to achieve.   

  • An environmentally friendly alternative to live rock
  • Coralline effect looks fantastic
  • Rapidly establishes your saltwater aquarium without the need to wait for algae to form
  • Each piece is unique to your aquarium
  • Fragile item, easily broken during transit

LifeRock shapes are made of an aragonitic base rock, instead of the typical cement used by some other artificial rock creators. Every rock contains a network of small and large pores that intertwine within the rock's internal structure, creating what they describe as ‘the perfect environment for natural nitrifying bacteria’. 

Each piece of LifeRock is unique and every box is guaranteed to contain a mixture of arches, rings and tunnels for your fish to enjoy.

What Others Say

When looking at what people had to say about the CaribSea LifeRocks, we were impressed to see the majority of consumers had fantastic things to say about it. Customers who have purchased this product have generally gone on to purchase or more or recommend to others.

One of the main criticisms was not actually in regards to the quality of the product itself but to the transport of the product and the state it was in when it arrived. One reviewer in particular received many broken pieces, the item was replaced but again they received broken rocks. This maybe down to a poor courier in the area as the remaining reviewers don't appear to have a similar circumstance.

It is important to note that this type of product is very fragile and you may need to do a couple of superglue fixes when it arrives when you are building your structure.

A common theme amongst the reviews was that the amount of rock received was very generous. Maybe that isn't a surprise given that the manufacturer guarantees at least 20 pounds of LifeRock in each box, but needless to say it is good to hear this being backed up by a number of purchasers. 

Final Thoughts

We struggled to find anything truly negative with this product and as such would highly recommend it. We would suggest making sure you buy it from a reputable company such as amazon who has such a good returns policy just incase the item is damaged in the post!

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