Help! What Is The Best Fish For Small Tanks?

Help! What Is The Best Fish For Small Tanks?

So, you fancy the idea of having a nano aquarium, but you aren’t sure what kind of fish you can get for such a small space. We have a few suggestions of what type of fish do well in a nano fish tank.

What Is A Nano Fish?

Before we go into what kind of small saltwater fish you could get for your new aquarium, let’s first clear the air about what, exactly, is a nano fish.

Nano fish are tiny saltwater fish that won’t grow any larger than 2 inches. These fish are perfect for tanks that hold less than 10 gallons. The amount of fish you can safely have in your tank will depend on the amount of filtration the tank has, the kind of maintenance you are willing to do, and how you feed them.

Girl Looking At Fishes In Aquarium

Most nano fish are going to be a schooling species, so that is something you will want to take into consideration when planning your tank.

Now, let’s look at our top 7 favorite types of small aquarium fish.

Pajama Cardinalfish

This type of fish is among one of the favorite because they are excellent fish for beginners. These are commonly bought fish because they are relatively cheap and they stay pretty small. When it comes to food, they aren’t picky and will eat anything you put into the aquarium.

Neon Goby

The neon goby is also known as a “perching fish” or a “cleaner fish.” This type of fish has varying personalities while swimming. Sometimes you’ll see one use their pelvic fins to park somewhere in the tank and just hang out, while you may find them floating around or looking for dirt or algae that may be clinging to the bodies of the bigger fish.

Royal Gramma

These bright fish are called the Royal Gramma because they have purple and yellow coloring on its body. If you want this kind of fish, you will want to have rocks or coral in the tank, as these fish like to hang out in rock and coral formations. People like these fish because of the pops of color they add to the tank.

Royal Gramma Fish

Dartfish (Firefish Goby)

These fish have purple or orange coloring and when there are a few in the tank, they create a charming element. These fish are especially unique because they have a long fin near the top of their heads. As the fish swims through the water, that slender fin sways in the water, making them neat to watch.

Chromis (Blue And Green)

The blue chromis and green chromis are popular fish because they eat pretty much anything you feed them and they stay pretty small. These fish like to swim in groups and they tend to live longer than other fish types. One of the best things about these fish is how brightly their color can be seen, even with dim tank lighting.


If you’ve ever watched Disney’s Finding Nemo, you may have been drawn to the clownfish. This type of fish is in high demand, but we recommend only getting 2. These fish will always stick with its mate, and they will live between 6 to 8 years.

Coral Beauty Angelfish

The Coral Beauty Fish is a coveted fish many hobbyists vie for. These fish are passive and when they reach adulthood, they only get a few centimeters in size. Their vibrant colors enhances the beauty of your tank, and their constant motion keeps the tank looking lively.

Coral Beauty Angelfish

It is important to note that these fish aren’t cheap – but if you want to save your money and invest in these fish, we fully recommend it and you won’t be disappointed.


A nano fish tank is a wonderful way to add a bit of color and life to a living space. Choosing the type of fish to include in your fish tank may be a little perplexing because there are just so many types of fish to consider. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with the brightly colored fish! Add a black light to the aquarium and you’ll be amazed at how brightly these fish glow! 

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